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Strategic Solution Design

Organizational business processes are classified as “core” and “support.” Core processes, by definition, touch the customer and add value to the organization. Core processes must be flexible, since opportunities and technologies are constantly changing. Support processes are typically back-office processes; e.g., financial, human resources, procurement, etc. They can change, but they do not change often.

We work with organizations to develop strategies for ensuring flexible core processes and tightly integrated support processes. Both types of processes are enabled by an appropriate technology platform. While the outcome is simple to understand, achieving that outcome is not so easy. Operational Executives and CIOs have different skill sets and different responsibilities and tasks. It is not efficient nor effective for either to understand the details of the other’s work. In the private sector, forward-thinking companies have assigned individuals who have the requisite skills to “bridge the gap,” ensuring that the Executive’s vision is enabled by the CIO’s technology platform.

We help companies design strategies for “bridging the gap.” We focus on the most practical methods and methodologies for ensuring that a vision is realized in a technology platform that is capable of supporting organizational objectives as they evolve over time. We help organizations generate Enterprise Engineering solutions.