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Data Management

When an organization intends to use data to become smarter and more competitive, the standard approach is to modernize its storage and/or analytical capabilities. If we think of storage and analytics as the engines that accelerate a smart organization, then data is the fuel that runs the engines. In other words, to accelerate storage and analytics, organizations need to improve their data supply. EII understands Data Lakes, but we also understand that Data Lakes, while critical, do not provide a complete solution.

Our product offering is predicated on the concept of a Unified Data Management and Analytics Platform, which enhances the probability of success while reducing the total cost of ownership from a total solution perspective. EII acknowledges the importance of multiple technologies and applications, and in fact, advocate a complete Open Architecture that will support or provide access to other technologies and applications. We offer a complete data-centric solution that can be implemented in most environments and be ready for data ingestion in a short time horizon without proprietary software development. EII relies on pre-engineered and integrated commercial Unified Platforms that support:

• Data Ingestion
• Data Cataloging
• Data Transformation
• Data Quality and Data Quality Assurance
• Data Governance, including unified Data Lineage
• Unified Metadata Management
• Data Preparation and ETL
• Analytics and Machine Leaning