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EII specializes in Enterprise Integration, a term that means different things to different people. We are often asked by our customers, precisely what do you mean by Enterprise Integration and what does it mean to provide Enterprise Integration solutions?

Enterprise Integration is the alignment of strategies, business processes, and information systems, technologies, and data across organizational boundaries to provide competitive advantage. The process of achieving Enterprise Integration includes all managerial and technological factors that enable cross-functional business process integration. The result is a customer oriented management structure with information systems that are formally linked to processes and the integration of processes needed to establish/retain customer satisfaction.

The predominant characteristic of our definition is that it describes a holistic management solution as opposed to a narrow technical solution. As you review our service offerings to the left, you will immediately understand that the solution to these types of problems requires deep expertise in the management, process, data, and technology aspects of analysis and problem solving. Our solutions are enabled by technology, but our competitive advantage is in our ability to scope and solve difficult problems.