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EII is a small business consulting company with qualifications in Strategic Enterprise Design, Data Management and Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Design and Implementation, Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management, System Integration, and Training. Our Architecture-driven Enterprise Integration Methodology incorporates knowledge acquired from many customer engagements. Our methodology (depicted below) is based on a Solution Framework that addresses strategy, business processes, and information systems. Within each level, specific methods are used to solve key components of the enterprise integration puzzle. When all levels of our Solution Framework are focused on a particular implementation project or problem, the benefits are significant. 


We have established and supported programs and projects in some of the largest organizations in the world, including the US Army, the US Navy, the US Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Defense Manpower Data Center, Defense Medical Logistics, Neptune Orient Lines/APLL (Singapore), IDS Logistics (Hong Kong), Schenker (Singapore), King Abdulla University of Science & Technology (Saudi Arabia), DuPont (USA), White Birch Paper (Canada), Dollar General (USA), Blue Scope Steel (Australia), Fonterra (Australia), Chinese Maritime Transport (Taiwan), US Department of Homeland Security, SCG (Thailand), MISC Logistics (Malaysia) and others. Within these large and complex programs and projects, we have established our expertise areas to include:

• Development and implementation of program and project governance plans, structures and strategies
• Enterprise Data Management, to include structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
• Big Data Analytics and Data Interoperability
• Design, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide standards, architectures, and strategies
• Business Process Management, including composite process implementation using commercial SOA suites
• Cloud-based Information Security, including Risk Management Framework assessment and remediation
• Requirements definition and management, including requirement for enterprise software, logistics, maintenance, and 
  supply chain management solutions
• Architecture management and control, including the alignment of systems and data with end-to-end business processes
• Sustainment solutions for ongoing business process management, architecture, and data management support.
• Senior executive consulting on issues that relate to the alignment of organizational processes with information technologies
• Enterprise Business Architecture, to include the alignment of business requirements with commercial enterprise systems
• Enterprise architectural planning for compliance and investment analyses
• Organizational realignment and the establishment of governance bodies to oversee complex endeavors
• Policy architecture alignment, and the conversion of policy to business rules, data requirements, and system requirements
• Executive and technical training