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The EII Difference

The EII Difference

Proprietary Methodology: Enterprise Integration, Inc. believes the key to a truly integrated organization is to align its Strategies with its Business Processes, and its Business Processes with its Technology. The alignment of these three levels, Management Strategy, Business Process, and Data Technology, lie at the heart of the EII Solution Framework. Our competitors focus on one of these areas or another without considering them all as a cohesive whole. But if Management Strategies are not carefully aligned with Business Processes, for example, a company may be doing the wrong thing very efficiently. Only by using EII’s holistic approach can true Enterprise Integration, and the competitive advantage that comes with it, be achieved.

Value For The Present And The Future: Enterprise Integration, Inc.’s services do more than just assess your organizations current situation. EII's services help you define the "to-be" state and develop a plan to get you there. Developing an Integrated Enterprise not only helps you in the present, it prepares your organization for future technologies and methods. Service Oriented Architectures, for example, require Process Integration, a key component of our framework. Call it Net Present Value or Return on Investment, it means the same thing: value for our customers both now and in the future.

Peace of Mind: Large-scale technology systems are expensive, consume many work hours, and take long periods to bring to fruition. With notable failures regularly making the business pages, how do you maintain your peace of mind during a large-scale business technology transformation? Bring in the problem solvers. Many of Enterprise Integration, Inc.’s earliest successes were in fixing failed ERP implementations. EII's proprietary methodology is used by some of the largest organizations in the world to help them reduce the complexity and lower the cost of difficult initiatives. Our methods, experience, and success rate are unmatched by our rivals.

Quality: EII’s work gets reviewed by a lot of experts from a lot of organizations and we have “never been taken down” for a technical mistake. EII’s founders have engaged in 15 years of pioneering research in fields directly related to the solutions we sell to our customers. Our thorough understanding of the field combined with our technical expertise and unmatched success rate translate into the highest quality work for our customers.

Objectivity: Unfortunately, there are many firms in this industry that provide both consulting and implementation services. This can lead to serious conflicts of interest and ignored ethical issues. For the clients of these firms, it often leads to wasted money and time. EII provides an objective approach to Enterprise architecture. By acting as a separate entity during the entire process, EII guarantees that no conflict of interest arises.