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Management Integration

Management Integration

As an executive do you ever feel like you’re flying blind? Do you often feel that you don’t have the proper information to manage effectively? Enterprise Integration, Inc.’s Management Integration methodology is focused on developing and executing a plan to provide the Visibility Solutions that are missing.

In the table below we spotlight some of the methods we are currently including in our customer’s Management Integration solutions. These methodologies are based on years of internal research and successful client engagements.


Management Integration Methods

Strategic Planning Performance Measurement (Behavioral & Informational) Critical Success Factors Key Performance Indicators
Objective Diagrams Structured Change Management
Vulnerability Maps Strategic Portfolio Maps Balanced Scorecards Strategy Maps Activity-based Measurement Systems Transformation Planning
Business Case Analyses Risk Analyses Security Role Mappings System Organizational Modeling WBS Development Continuous Process Improvement
Schedule Analyses Cost Analyses Business Intelligence Discrete Next-event Simulation Data Mining Business Process Reengineering
Survey Analyses Delphi Analyses Project Management Solution Monitoring; Control DICE Analyses Long Range Planning

Of course, competitive advantage does not flow directly from the methods, but comes from sequencing, aggregating, and applying them to provide an integrated Visibility Solution. Management Integration ensures that information is organized in ways that can produce timely and effective decisions from your staff and leads directly to achieving a highly competitive organization. If an executive has end-to-end enterprise visibility, including the supply and demand chains, then the kind of crisp, agile and informed decisions that lead to a marked competitive advantage can be made.

Our Management Integration solution complements the Process Integration and Data Integration levels of our Solution Architecture Framework.